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motivate and prepare our next civic and business leaders.


Highlight current community issues and challenges.


The annual nine-month Leadership Academy has provided young professionals with leadership development in Huntington Beach for more than fifteen years. Participants gain an understanding of local government, public safety, education and health care systems as well as the city’s business figures, economic climate, and social uniqueness. Through panel presentations and learning sessions led by community leaders and subject experts, the academy presents a wide spectrum of views.


The program facilitates the growth of community leadership by educating professionals with special attention paid to integrity, vision, personal responsibility, commitment, and community trusteeship. The class project affords each participant the unique opportunity to develop their potential for public responsibility and leave a lasting impression on their community as they work toward advancing an organization’s goal or solving a shared problem. 


Build a network of support and opportunities for participants.


Applicants should want to gain broader knowledge of the community, demonstrate active participation in the community and understand both the need for and responsibility of community involvement. Any person over the age of 21 living or working in Huntington Beach may apply. 


  • Program goals

  • Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

  • Class introductions

  • City of Huntington Beach Quiz

  • City scavenger hunt

  • Leadership speaker

  • Team-building initiatives

  • Two-night retreat




  • Police Department

  • Marine Safety Division

  • Fire Department

  • City Attorney


  • Huntington Beach Hospital

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • HB Fire Medical Program

  • Community Care Health Center

  • Senior Center in Central Park

  • MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center

  • Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

  • Hoag Memorial Hospital


Sessions are held the third Wednesday of every month*, unless otherwise specified, from September to July.

All program sessions are scheduled to meet from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., including orientation. Absences from class are discouraged, and all participants are required to comply with the absentee policy.

*With the exception of the two-night retreat and the Alumni Reception.

Group projects are an important element of the program.

A significant amount of time outside the monthly session time is required during the last six months of the program to strategize, organize, and complete community benefit activities. The results of the class project process will be shared with an audience of friends, alumni, and invited guests on the evening of graduation.

Tuition is $1,250 due the week before orientation.

This amount represents only a portion of the costs required to project the principles leadership program. Applicants are responsible for the tuition regardless of whether an employer or organization expressed intent to cover this expense. Payment plans are granted on a case-by-case basis.

Accepted candidates will also have an opportunity to apply for a partial tuition discount.

The discounts are typically designated for candidates representing a non-profit organization, small businesses and individuals applying on their own.

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